Community Guide


We believe that those of you who enter the community are someone who can be responsible and reliable. Therefore, we as admins and community moderators hope that members who join can obey the community rules written below.

Community platforms

The platforms we use for community are Telegram and Facebook groups.

Using a profile photo

Community members are expected to post a profile photo as an identity, for example a picture of a flower or a book.

Use clear names

Any name used is free, for example “Fatimah Az-Zahra”. And add user id, for example @azzahra.

Call by proper name

Calling someone’s name directly is better than calling them mastah, suhu, ngab, and other unkind calls. Just call dude, sir, madam, miss, uda, uni. The call is polite and better.

The ethics of asking questions

Begin with a greeting and excuse me when asking a question, as it is more polite and respectful to other group members.

Use #tags to add a category for your issue, e.g. #inkscape #gimp #kdenlive etc. This will help other group members if they have the same problem.

Use screenshots that are clear, not slanted and as much as possible don’t use camera photos. As well as provide complete information such as including machine specifications, obstacles encountered, conditions before and after they occur so that other members can provide the right solution.

Don’t accidentally delete a message if there isn’t a typo. This creates confusion of communication between members. If you do, you will be judged bad on ethics.

Polite in language

Use language that is easy to understand and does not offend others. No need to abbreviate words, because fellow members will judge you from speech and language.

Sending Promotions

As a member, you are not allowed to send promotions, such as event promotions, job vacancies, and the like. Unless there is permission with the admin and moderator, this is important because the admin will post.

Off topic

This community is made so that the discussion is in accordance with the container, but if what is discussed is out of topic it is advisable not to post or discuss it. Off topic, that is, any discussion outside the LangitKetujuh OS and graphic design.


If you need installation services because it failed or have never used a Linux distro before, then it’s best to use the Studio edition so that our LangitKetujuh team can help with remote installation (remote online).

Community violations

If someone violates community guidelines such as bullying and triggering division, the Admin/moderator will remove access to comments and remove them from the community. The admin has the right to delete posts that are considered inappropriate or violate the rules.

Thus the community guide that we have explained. Joining as a member means you have agreed to the rules. If you have any questions, please contact us below.

Barakalahu fiikum.

~ Group Moderators.


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