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Bank transfer

Bank NameAccount NumberOwner
Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI)7150725105Hervy Qurrotul Ainur Rozi
Bank Jago Syariah (Jago)507148567388Hervy Qurrotul Ainur Rozi
Bank Seabank (Seabank)901496022525Hervy Qurrotul Ainur Rozi
Bank BTPN (BTPN)90014450043Hervy Qurrotul Ainur Rozi


Liberapay and OpenCollective send money via stripe (credit card), still not supported in our country.

Sharing and making it easier for you to always create, that’s our motivation. LangitKetujuh tries to focus on user productivity so there is no need to install applications one by one and perform special, basic configurations. One time install and forget, it’s that simple.

Every update and maintenance we always prioritize for users. It’s not uncommon for our time to be focused on building this operating system. Like solving problems, hours of compilation to days of trials and so on. Although in limited conditions and devices.

We hope that the users of LangitKetujuh can contribute in the form of sharing experiences on social media, providing feedback , reporting bugs , providing ideas in the source code or providing assistance through donations. Of course we really appreciate these efforts. As a project development team, we are only looking for blessings in making this operating system product.

Hervy Qurrotul Ainur Rozi
~ Project initiator

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