Studio Edition for professional needs. Choose as needed!

Installation support by experts.-โˆš
HP and Epson printer detection.โˆšโˆš
Audio and Video codec support.โˆšโˆš
GIMP Photo manipulation.โˆšโˆš
Inkscape vector processing.โˆšโˆš
KDE-Connect synchronous device.โˆšโˆš
Libreoffice suite.โˆšโˆš
V4l2loopback Virtual camera.-โˆš
Access the latest ISO.-โˆš
Audacity audio processing.-โˆš
2D/3D animation Blender.-โˆš
Cadence JACK Toolbox.-โˆš
Carla audio hosting plugin.-โˆš
Converseen image converter.-โˆš
Digikam photo management.-โˆš
Fontforge font maker.-โˆš
Freecad 3d parametric.-โˆš
Game creator Godot.-โˆš
Goxel 3D voxel editor.-โˆš
Google Fonts for commercial projects.-โˆš
HandBrake Media transcoder.-โˆš
Hugin panoramic editor.-โˆš
DisplayCAL color calibration.-โˆš
Kdenlive video processor.-โˆš
Kid3 audio tagger.-โˆš
Krita digital painting.-โˆš
LibreCAD 2D CAD.-โˆš
LMMS sound effects production.-โˆš
MKVToolnix mkv editor and processor.-โˆš
OBS desktop recorder and streaming.-โˆš
OpenToonz 2D Raster Animation.-โˆš
GMIC-qt Gimp and Krita Plugins.-โˆš
Audio Production with Ardor.-โˆš
Rawtherapee raw photo processing.-โˆš
Screenkey Screencast Monitor.-โˆš
Scribus layout design.-โˆš
Synfigstudio 2D Vector Animation.-โˆš
Appimage Application Support-โˆš
Proprietary Application and Driver Support-โˆš
Run windows application (wine)โˆšโˆš

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